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Survival Tips You May Never Have Heard of Before

Here is an informative video that provides you with fifty survival tips you may never have heard about before! It’s fast moving as it quickly jumps from one new topic to the other, so you may want to take notes! Pinecone collecting? Stuffing leaves in you jacket? Crabapples?! What in the world can they do

Setting up a bushcraft camp

[VIDEO] Basic Bushcraft Skills You Should Know…

We had to share this great, inspirational video over on page two. Why? A couple of guys who are camping overnight with a good soundtrack while enjoying the beautiful nature allow us to “feel” the experience. Not to mention they both have a great sense of humor! Granted, there is not a lot of talking

[VIDEO] 5 Awesome Survival Items To Have On Hand

If you were lost in the wilderness or in a situation where you were forces to bug-out because of a downed grid or any other disaster, what five items would you want to have on hand? Most survivalists have their favorites and Survival Lilly will tell you hers in the video on page two. She will

[VIDEO] Tips For Growing The Perfect Herb Garden

Herbs are terrific. They can turn a bland and flavorless dish into something special and delicious. Also, when you pick specific herbs you are also consuming nutritious and healthy nutrients. The question always remains, should a cook utilize store-bought items or plant their own? At one time or another most of us have tried to plant an

[VIDEO] Do You Know The 5 C’s Of Survival?

Survival Lilly returns to us and this time she is advising her followers on the five Cs of survival. What we really like about this guide is that she does not just tell us what they are but shows us, through nature, how to create them! They are a simple mixture of items, things we may think are obvious,

[VIDEO] Learn The Right Way To Can Your Tomatoes

Tomatoes are great! You can do so much with them. Where would spaghetti be without a great tomato sauce? What about the historic bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich? When you have tomato plants you tend to get a lot of tomatoes and unless you give them away to friends and family there are always those that go to waste.

[VIDEO] How To Be Successful With Your Off Grid Garden

Homesteading isn’t always easy but the rewards can be incredible! You have your canning, emergency pantry, generator(s), various bug-out bags and – of course – gardening. The video on page two shows you how to be successful with your off-grid gardening! Our hostess gives us tips and tricks including woodchips, mulch, and terrific results with