Whatever a Person Does, They Must Never Make These Deadly Water Purification Mistakes

a person boiling water

Many people assume that if a lake has fresh water that it's okay to drink from it. Compared to a river that's laced with bacteria that's usually correct. However, nature can still treat us unkindly when we least expect it.

That's why specialists have told us to not to drink from a lake unless we purify the water first. Consider this – we don't know what type of bacteria is in that lake or body of water and it's just not worth it to get violently ill.

Plus, if we were to get very ill during a collapse it would be challenging to get treatment, which is another reason why it's vital to be cautious. The last thing we need is to deal with being ill while we're trying to survive. So that's why it's important to purify that water properly before drinking it.

Now that there's an understanding why it's vital to purify that water, head to the next page to learn what else can happen. Yes, there are still additional errors a person must avoid. Not only will a person suffer dearly, but loved ones can as well!

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