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How to Make Mead for Survival Bartering (Yes, Bartering)

How to Make Mead for Survival Bartering (Yes, Bartering)

Mead is a drink that is created by mixing honey with water and letting the honey ferment. It is the oldest recorded alcoholic beverage in history. Mead is so old, it has been an easily fermented drink to make for centuries throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. In a survival situation, alcoholic beverages will be a


(Video) Man Dug Up His Bug-Out Cache After it Was Buried for a Year and What Happens to His Supplies is No Surprise.

It’s a common practice and necessity to have a survival stash ready to go for a disaster. Whether it’s kept in a bunker or buried underground, it’s important to be ready when disaster strikes. It’s also to make sure those supplies are going to edible and useable when a collapse arrives, which means checking up

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(Video) How to Make a Survival Stove from a Coke Can!

  Eating food is a necessity to making it through a survival situation; that seems obvious but it is amazing how many people are unprepared to cook their food when disaster strikes or survival situation rears its ugly head! Cooking most food, especially in a survival situation, however, is critical! It helps kill parasites, bacteria,


How to Sustain Meat When There Isn’t a Refrigerator

There’s a big challenge for people who have either sporadic electricity or are dealing with a survival moment because this means they’re unable to preserve meat because they don’t have any refrigeration. Spoiled food and meat, in particular, is an issue we could all face considering the current shape of our national electrical grid. After