Powerful Earthquakes Hit San Francisco and Mount St. Helens – Experts Believe They Are Foreshocks for ‘Something Larger’

San Francisco Earthquake

It really doesn't matter where people live in the United States, there's always a risk that they may experience a disaster. Just think about it: We experience tornadoes in the Midwest, hurricanes near the Atlantic ocean, and recently, in California, there have been mudslides and fires to contend with.

It's true, disasters can happen anytime or any place, which is why it's essential we understand what we may be at risk for depending on where we live. As we get ready for possible survival situations we must consider a variety of likely scenarios.

Also keep in mind that there are precursors for potential events to come, but we still don't know the exact time or place a catastrophe could befall us. This, of course, is minus the massive earthquake that just took place. Seek shelter immediately under a protective desk or door frame and if there's time make sure family members get to safety!

Speaking of earthquakes, lately a few have taken place in San Francisco and Mount St. Helens. Yes, earthquakes often happen near Mount St. Helens, but the frequency and a few other factors are causing experts to worry. They believe that this is a sign that something stronger is coming our way.

To uncover which signs are showing a trend and thus resulting in a lot of concern from experts of a potentially catastrophic earthquake to come, visit the next page.

To find out which signs experts are seeing that is causing them to believe that a catastrophic earthquake could be taking place in the near future, head to the next page.

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