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Welcome to Die Hard Survivor, where we thrive on helping survivalists become fully prepared and equipped for any of life's challenges. We are a survival blog that provides a variety of written knowledge and videos on self-sufficiency, prepping, food storage, cooking, health, prepper skills, tactics, and DIY projects in the preparedness and survivalism fields for anyone who desires to become better equipped for the future.

On Die Hard Survivor you will read about all things survival and learn how to be prepared for whatever may come your way. You will find curated articles from top survival websites, YouTube videos, original content and other pertinent survival tips.

We take a no nonsense approach to survival without bias, hoping to dispell the myth that preppers are planning for something that'll never take place.

Stay tuned for Die Hard Survivor newsletters and contests, updating survival enthusiasts on the latest news, prepping projects, and more.

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  1. Dale Kiselyk said:

    Hi Die Hard peeps. Just found your site and I noticed that one of my shelter videos made it onto your shelter page. I am please to see this and I am wondering how it happened. Also wondering if any of my other videos would be appropriate for your site. In any case, Thank You, and keep up the great work.