7 Primitive Tools We’ll All Need During the Crunch

bola weapon

In the majority of cases, a true doomsday event means that someday we will run out and will no longer have access to traditional tools and in that case, primitive tools could be a lifesaver.

We may also run out of ammunition or the ability to keep a tool in good condition because of an on-going event.

Or we may also find ourselves unaware – for example, if we get lost in the wilderness or get caught up in a bad storm. We may lose our defense tools and ammunition.

There's also the possibility of those supplies being rendered useless- ammunition may degrade or a tool is lost or breaks completely.

In that situation, our ability to make and utilize primitive tools for self-defense as well as to secure a meal for the table becomes imperative.

After the break, find out primitive tools we must become familiar with before it's time to use them!

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