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San Francisco Earthquake

Strong Earthquakes Hit San Francisco and Mount St. Helens – Experts Think They Are Foreshocks for ‘Something Larger’

No matter where a person lives in the United States there’s a risk of catastrophes taking place. In the midwest it’s tornadoes, near the Atlantic ocean its hurricanes, and lately, in the state California, it’s fires and mudslides. Even though it’s true that disasters can happen anytime or anywhere, it’s still important to be aware of

city collapse

The Last Time These 3 Ominous Signals Appeared at the Same Time Was Right Before The Last Financial Crisis

Since the previous financial crisis, we haven’t witnessed a “leadership reversal”, a “Hindenburg Omen” and a “Titanic Syndrome signal” take place simultaneously. That doesn’t mean that the stock market is going to crash, but it does mean that one could happen soon. Recently the Dow declined and the downward trend has been continuing. This is