Intelligence Insider Warns of Imminent War and the Public May Not Understand the Seriousness of the Looming Threat

nuclear missile

There's no doubt about it, there are frightening things that are happening our world today, from national disasters, shootings, terrorist attacks, and the like. People have begun to fear for the worse — as they should. With frightening leaders like Kim Jong Un being in charge of North Korea, it's hard not to be concerned.

And lately, there has been validation to that concern when in August there was a panic and a ton of people bought a ton of nuclear preparedness supplies. This then led to widespread shortages of anti-radiation pills, which have also been stockpiled in the millions by the U.S. government.

Being a prepper is no longer thought of as not being common, it's becoming more widespread. People aren't sure if or when the United States is potentially going to be attacked by a radical leader like Kim Jong Un, but if we are we want to be as prepared as possible and stop it before it even takes place.

Recently the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency commented that he fears that a war will take place between the U.S. and North Korea and a few other government officials share the same sentiment. Just how soon does he feel this war will take place and why does he feel this way? Find out after the break.

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  1. Eric Eugene said:

    What wouldn’t the public understand about the Korean War? It’s been going on for over half a century. Elementary school kids know what the Korean War is.

  2. Eric Eugene said:

    Fun Fact

    Iranian President Ahmadinejad, on television, publicly stated that Iran would aid North Korea’s missile program

    We lifted sanctions on Iran

    North Korea had a sudden leap in missile technology

    … yes… out of mother #%$&ing “magic”. You got it. Here’s a cookie.

  3. Brian Oswald said:

    As anyone thought why these$#%&!@*hole countries are launching these missiles and not having re- entry codes? That’s right. Because a EMP is detonated high above our atmosphere over our country causing way more damage than if it exposed a few thousand feet above the intended targets.

  4. Gabriel Cabral said:

    Please, stop terrorizing people with these war doomsday$#%&!@* The US and their closest allies already have the means to intercept ballistic missiles, and the US already has LASER weapon systems capable of engaging and destroying targets in mid-flight.

    And if it’s the case that the US is striken with nuclear arsenals, there would be automatic retaliation in the same form (but a few times fold). No would-be agressor(s) would want to take that risk.

    Also, if a full out war actually breaks out, it will more than likely be fought in foreign soil, or at worst in Alaska and/or US unincorporated territories. The collateral demage to the US would be near insignificant compared to that done against any agressor(s)…