Using Steel Wool, it’s Possible to Improve a Windshield. Here’s How:

steel wool

While the idea of using steel wool on a car's windshield might seem absurd, allow us to explain why it's an incredible idea that actually works.

Yes, usually this is what you use to clean pots and pans. This abrasive material is great for scrubbing out rust and filth that can build up on worn items over the years. Why on earth should we use steel wool on our windshield?!

But if we think about it, it might be the best thing you ever tried. A windshield can withstand a lot, but it's still important to be careful. A car, in general, withstands a lot of elements, especially if you live where there's snow or a lot of sun. It's important to take care of a car so that it lasts for years to come.

One way to care for a car is to keep its windshields clean, not only so you can see out of them but so the value improves (even though we all know a car's values depreciates the moment you drive off of that lot). Car dealers have actually been using steel wool on car windshields for decades and the results have been incredible!

Don't believe us?! Just check out the video on the next page to learn how to do this correctly and how effective it is!

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