You’ll be in Shock to Discover What Rubbing Your Windshield with Steel Wool Can Do! I Still Can’t Believe It!

using steel wool on your windshield

To get a clean windshield you need a clean cloth, some water, a little elbow grease and…steel wool? You read that correctly. While counterintuitive, steel wool is what a lot of professional car detailers use on a daily basis to bring the ultimate clarity and shine to the cars they work on. Watch this video to learn this cool trick.

Before watching this,  I would never have let steel wool get anywhere near my car or truck. Steel wool is, by definition, an abrasive. Abrasives and car surfaces typically don't get along very well. So seeing this video was a shock to me, and now I can't wait to try it.

Just make sure you get the super fine steel wool, as it will only remove the dead bugs and grit without scratching the surface of the glass. I know some of you are thinking: “Can I use sandpaper to get the same effect?” No. Sand is harder than glass, whereas steel wool isn't. Stick to the tried-and-true steel wool and your windshield will thank you.


  1. Damon Mickey said:

    It needs to be the finest grade of steel wool. The thick stuff will stratch the window for good.

  2. Ingram Yates said:

    it removes all the crap off your windows without having to actualy wash it. only use 0000 steel wool

  3. Paul Young said:

    Please blow the shavings off, as the steel wool is highly rustable and can dis color or let rust set in.

  4. Bob Fabiano said:

    I’ve been detailing cars for fifteen years and I use it everyday. Get the fine$#%&!@*though.

  5. Stacey Walter said:

    I understand your hesitation. I used to work at a convention center. The glass doors on one side of the building had the building logo painted on them. Over time due to wind and sand hitting it they were worn and needed to be removed and repainted. The boss handed me a bucket of water and the steel wool. I laughed and said just fire me don’t make me ruin these windows. Not only did it take the logo off but it polished the glass and removed the haze from that from the years of the wind sandblasting the glass. We all have and old piece of glass lying around try it on that and see for yourself