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pouring motor oil

Don’t Throw Out Used Motor Oil Just Yet! Check Out 9 Clever Ways to Repurpose It

Don’t Throw Out Used Motor Oil Just Yet! Check Out 9 Clever Ways to Repurpose It

When it comes to motor oil many people don’t realize that it a countless number of uses besides just using it for the obvious, which is for a car or law mower. As survivalists we’re constantly looking for additional ways to reuse supplies we already have, not only since it’ll save us a lot of

gel fire

How to Make Unlimited Gel Fuel During a Survival Scenario

For many of us a prolonged loss of power means that at some point the generator will go silent. When the power goes out everything from refrigeration to heat will be difficult to keep going. We have several options including storing kerosene or gasoline and taking advantage of a fireplace or wood stove, but even

storing water with bleach

How to Safely Store Water for an Extended Period of Time

When a disaster strikes, we won’t want to be worrying about whether or not we have enough portable water stored. There should be enough to get a person and their family through a survival situation comfortably without threatening their health. They’ll need to have more than enough water so that it’ll won’t be an issue.

mud bricks

(Video) How to Make Mud Bricks From Scratch

Being self-sufficient is a big part of being a prepper. The more skills a person takes the time to learn before a collapse or natural disaster takes place, the better off they will be. A few skills a person may want to try are not only building shelters, but learning how to construct a more

wound care

This Genius Survival Trick Can Prevent Any Infection

When we’re bugging out in the wild it’s hard to expect pristine conditions. We know that things are going to be rough, uncomfortable, and we’re going to get dirty. After all, we’re in the great outdoors where the conditions may be harsh and if a survival scenario takes place, we’ll have fewer supplies. It’s bound

walk silently in woods

Learn to Walk Like a Fox in the Woods to Remain Undetected

Walking through a forest or brush while bugging out can be challenging, especially if you’re trying to stay quiet. While hunting keeping quiet is essential; next to their powerful sense of smell, most animals also have very good hearing.   Staying quiet during a survival moment is also vital; if we are trying to navigate