The Dollar-Store Quick Trick: How to Keep Feet Toasty Warm in Winter Weather

bare feet in the snow

When winter comes along, one of the body parts that tends to get the coldest is feet. It's easy to slap on layers of extra socks and foot warmers while being covered in bulky winter boots, but there's still the livelihood those feet are going to get cold anyway.

Spending money and effort to try to keep feet warm is frustrating when it doesn't seem to work. This is especially the case when you're bugging out or are dealing with a survival scenario. The last thing you need to worry about is getting frost bite when you're trying to survive.

Luckily there's a simple trick you can implement that's shown on the video after the break. This simple trick will blow your mind and everything you need to make it can be found at the dollar store!

Find out what this simple and quick trick is after the break.

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