The Dollar-Store Quick Trick: How to Keep Feet Toasty Warm in Winter Weather

bare feet in the snow

After cold feed while you're bugging out isn't fun, but luckily after you watch this video you shouldn't have to worry about having cold feet again. All you need to maintain warm feet whether you're bugging out, camping, or trying to survive during SHTF is revealed on the video!

See the full tutorial:

All you need to get is an inexpensive sun shade which you can find at the Dollar Store and cut it to fit the same size as your shoes' insoles. Insert it and that's it. You now have warm feet! No special chemicals, just something as easy as that. Who knew the dollar store was the key to keeping feet warm?!

Your new inserts will not only provide added insulation from the cold ground but will reflect your body heat back to your body. Sounds like a good plan to me!