(Video) Man’s Disaster Event Prediction is Eerily Smart and Accurate

dead end street

In the event of a collapse, just about anything can happen. The world may be physically inhabitable or a variety of other instances such as an EMP or earthquake can take place and cause everything to spiral out of control.

With a lot of knowledge and understanding of the events to come, this survival expert has an eerily accurate prediction about what he thinks will happen post-collapse.

Our host tells us the facts to back up his claims and if we take the time to hear him out, we will get adequate notice as to how we can prepare for the worst.

We all want to be survivalists, after all, but in order to do that we first need the facts. Thankfully what we hear and see on the video should change our odds of living in a post-disaster world.

Watch the video after the break to learn about how the world will face and hopefully cope with an epic disaster.

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