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charging a car battery

He Finds an Incredible Way to Charge His Car Battery Using THIS Clever Technique

He Finds an Incredible Way to Charge His Car Battery Using THIS Clever Technique

Charging a car battery sounds like a simple task, but sometimes it can be a lot more complex. In fact, that’s why many of us don’t charge our own car batteries, but many people who are preparing for a collapse know that this is a skill we should learn how to do on our own.


Blending In: 5 Tips to Follow From a Special Agent

We would like to believe that when a disaster hits that everyone will come together and be friends and live in harmony. Yes, there are a lot of good people out there, but unfortunately with mayhem starts up a mob mentality may rule and  — well — the weak could get weeded out. Of course,

alligator in the wild

The Largest Alligator Ever Caught is Hard to Believe!

While preparing for that inevitable collapse, we may also educate ourselves about the animals out there in the wild. For many of us we want to know as much as we can about them just in case post-collapse if we were to encounter one we would know what to do. We can prepare until we’re

airplane lines in the air

NASA Admits to Spraying Lithium Into Our Atmosphere

New evidence has emerged as of late that NASA sprayed unusual substances into our atmosphere. Officials have told us that the chemicals were “harmless to our environment,” but we’re skeptical how these chemicals wouldn’t harm humans. From what we’ve heard breathing in mind-altering drugs can have serious health ramifications. Too bad this NASA revelation isn’t

shipping container

We Can Now Buy Tiny Container Homes on Amazon

There are a variety of different survival shelters out there. There’s a bug out cabin where we can head to to relax and enjoy the great outdoors and prepare for when a disaster arrives. Then there are underground shelters that are designed to protect us from a variety of disasters such as a tornado or