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How a Wrong Survival Assumption Can be Deadly

The video we cover here will likely make a few angry; it should alarm anyone who thinks “the day after” will be a blaze of glory. It is along video, but accurate and should be mandatory for anyone who thinks they are up to the task of surviving anything beyond a basic survival scenario. The

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Prioritizing Disaster Response Priorities

Disasters, man made or natural, can be shocking – mentally, emotionally and physically. They rock us to our core in many cases and in all cases leave just about everyone somewhat befuddled, confused and flailing. In that circumstance, being able to prioritize how we go about ensuring our survival is key! Go about it the

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Post Disaster Skills that Everyone Will Need

It is difficult for many to imagine a world without smart phones, computers, automated processes and the relative ease with which we in North America live our lives. If, though, we experienced a life altering, infrastructure decimating survival event, a lot of that ease would very quickly go by the wayside. Instead of getting all

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How to Prepare in Case of a Nuclear Attack

A lot of us thought after the Cold War that fear of a nuclear strike was more than just remote – it was no longer a threat. Then came several developing countries bent on getting nuclear technology and using it to make nuclear weapons. There were also rumors that “tactical nukes,” smaller weapons that delivered

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Wanted: Vital Skills Needed if TEOWAWKI Happens

It goes without saying that in a severe survival scenario – where life as we know it was altered permanently – that adaptation would be the key to making it through. That type of scenario would likely mean the traditional infrastructure we have come to rely on would be severely restricted or even destroyed. In