When an EMP Strikes Here Are the Steps a Prepper Must Take in Order to Survive

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In many ways, an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) is sort of like the survival million dollar questions of an epic, end of the world events. Many people have guessed whether or not it could happen, how it'll happen, and how big if a threat it really is.

While many people agree that it could take place via a manmade or natural disaster, the other aspects are debated quite a bit.

Regardless, unless it never happens is a complete dud like the Y2K hysteria, we still should be asking ourselves “what should I do now to survive the aftermath?”

That question depends on how you think an EMP will take place and what will happen during. The event could be devastating or easy to handle, it all depends on your perspective. Regardless, we still should know how to survive one, no matter how challenging or easy it may be to overcome it.

After the break check out some basics as to what to do right after an EMP hits.

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