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(Video) How to Make a Survival Blade Razor Sharp

(Video) How to Make a Survival Blade Razor Sharp

An invaluable survival tool is possibly our most important supplies; without it, we deprive ourselves of a resource we will use daily in a survival situation multiple times. So if the blade is dull, the effectiveness will plummet as will the productivity and efficiency in terms of using energy – dull blades mean more work.


Is This Bushcraft Multi-Tool Worth All the Hype?

Unless you’ve been to Finland, chances are you’ve never heard of a puukko, a small knife with a wide blade that measures just under 4 inches. According to Darren Bush from, everyone in Finland carries the puukko everywhere they go. This particular knife is a great tool for many uses thanks to its smart design


Learning the Multiple Uses of Karambit Knives

  Warning: As with all potentially lethal weapons, please check with your local and state laws before making any purchases or using this type of knife. Among all hand to hand combat weapons or close quarters weapons, the Karambit Knife is one of the most effective and potentially lethal. Like most bladed weapons, the Karambit

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Knife Laws by State Preppers Should be Aware Of

If you are a hunter for fisherman (or woman,) or a survivalist, chances are you have your local, state and federal firearms regulations and rights memorized. Less known are the regulations and the rights we possess as they pertain to owning, carrying and using knives. It sounds crazy, but just about every state has laws