7 Knives Every Survivalist Should Own From an Excellent Brand


Quality always matters, but it is particularly true with knives.

You will use a quality knife on a hunting, fishing or camping trip virtually every day and often several times a day.

In a survival situation, you will use your survival knife at least multiple times and more often than not, dozens of times.

Because of that, you want the knife to be strong, reliable and resilient, which means quality matters above every other consideration.

For your money's worth, if quality is the issue, it is hard to beat Buck knives.

Yes, there are knives out there that meet Buck's quality and dependability, but they usually cost a lot more. There are also knives that are less expensive, but the quality is not there.

Buck gives you quality and a good deal.

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  1. Steven Lowe said:

    If you are ever in Post Falls Idaho visit their mfg. Plant. They have free tours daily. You’ll be very impressed with the care they put into their products! Really interesting tour as well!

  2. Michael Bandeko said:

    I have one of these that is 43 years old. I gave the grand sum of $10 for it brand spanking new 🙂

  3. Paul Browne said:

    Totally agree. Buck knife is one of the best I own. Holds a good edge for a long time.