How We Can Master the Task of Treating Cavities Without a Dentist After a Disaster

teeth issues

With all of the stress we have to deal with prior to a collapse or dealing with one, dental hygiene is not the top of everyone's list. However, all things considered, it should still be important. It's just not the lack of tooth care we have to think about but what happens when we neglect them, i.e. cavities!

Yes, cavities come from somewhere and if during the collapse we do not think about our teeth, eventually mouth disease will take place. This reminds us of a documentary of a survivor who decided to move to Alaska, in the middle of nowhere. Once a month he’d stop by a location (which was actually fifty miles away) to pick up supplies such as oatmeal, but unfortunately, he did not get supplies for his teeth.

Yes, he left civilization to live off the grid but he forgot how important it was to look after his teeth! Ten years later he was left with a mouth full of rotting, missing, and diseased teeth. Not only was it painful for him, but it affected his health in other ways as well.

This is why we must be prepared and carry some common necessities with us that will aid in our dental health. That way if the day should come that we – heaven forbid – have to pull a tooth, we'll know what to do.

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