(Video) By Cutting Paper Towels in Half, We Can Create Something Very Useful

life hack lysol wipes

With all of the life hacks that exist, sometimes when a video is watched it has us rubbing our head wondering why we didn't think of that before. We have to admit that even though many life hacks are funny, most of them really work.

Even better is that most life hacks consist of using supplies that are already in the house. That not only saves a lot of money but makes it a lot more convenient to try the hack at home.

When it's time to clean a home most of us rely on Lysol Wipes. They are very handy to clean up quick messes left by family members or cleaning up the table after a delicious meal. Lysol Wipes are very useful and it's easy to use them all up, but luckily there's a clever solution to that.

Thanks to this hack on the video hopefully you'll save a lot of money on cleaning wipes going forward. The hack on the video shows us how to make our very own Lysol wipes in just a few steps. Talk about a great way to save some money!

The best part of this project is that the supplies needed should already be at home. After the break learn what supplies are needed to make easily make Lysol wipes in a pinch.

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