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Safely Storing Gas for the Long Haul During a Collapse

We have long depended on fuel of every kind to keep the world going. We use wood to keep the homes warm, help us cook up a meal, and even melt metals. We utilize gasoline and diesel to keep our generators and vehicles functioning and we also use propane and kerosene for essentially everything else.

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4 Old Wives Tales That Are Hard to Believe, But They’re Actually True

Many of us often wonder if a century from now if the things we believe in today — such as the sayings that have been passed down from generation to generation — will be laughable. Think about this: Our ancestors have passed down many so-called “truths” and even put them in print back in the


Collect Pine Resin For Insect Repellent, Torches & Adhesives

We’re covering seven amazing uses of Pine Trees for survival situations.  In this segment, we’ll reveal how to collect and use Pine resin for bug repellent, torch fuel and for adhesives. It’s one of seven great uses for Pines. See the full list and the Pine resin video below: Survive With No Food By Eating