doomsday bunker

5 Features to Add to a Doomsday Bunker to Increase Those Chances of Surviving

A lot of people believe they’re prepared for the upcoming collapse. They have first aid kits, snacks, water, flashlights, and maybe even a bug out bag. Sure, these supplies can be useful during an emergency, but chances are they won’t be the main factor when it comes to surviving. There are several different instances where


Collect Pine Resin For Insect Repellent, Torches & Adhesives

We’re covering seven amazing uses of Pine Trees for survival situations.  In this segment, we’ll reveal how to collect and use Pine resin for bug repellent, torch fuel and for adhesives. It’s one of seven great uses for Pines. See the full list and the Pine resin video below: Survive With No Food By Eating