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This Genius Survival Trick Can Prevent Any Infection

When we’re bugging out in the wild it’s hard to expect pristine conditions. We know that things are going to be rough, uncomfortable, and we’re going to get dirty. After all, we’re in the great outdoors where the conditions may be harsh and if a survival scenario takes place, we’ll have fewer supplies. It’s bound


Hiding in Plain Sight – Clever Ways to Discreetly Wear Survival Gear

The reason why we may hide our survival gear are many, but two of the most important reasons come to mind: it’s convenient and it’s also for safety. It’s convenient because it’s nice to have the survival gear on your person as regular bodywear (such as a paracord necklace or bracelet) as opposed to packing


Collect Pine Resin For Insect Repellent, Torches & Adhesives

We’re covering seven amazing uses of Pine Trees for survival situations.  In this segment, we’ll reveal how to collect and use Pine resin for bug repellent, torch fuel and for adhesives. It’s one of seven great uses for Pines. See the full list and the Pine resin video below: Survive With No Food By Eating