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Fishing for Beginners – How to Catch, Clean and Cook Them

If you are a seasoned angler, this post is not for you. It is for the person just starting out fishing or someone who normally does not fish but finds themselves in a survival situation. In most areas of the world, while fishing is not a fool-proof way to secure a meal, it is one

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Food Storage for a Year – Do it Without Breaking the Bank!

Note: This post is kind of a last gasp, emergency backup to your survival cache if stuff really gets bad. It ensures you will have food for up to a year, albeit the variety will be lacking – but in a drastic survival situation, where making it through is the only goal, it could be

setting up a tarp

An Indispensable Common Tarp Should be a Staple in Every Survival Kit

If you do any type of outdoor work or camp, chances are you have one of those blue tarps that you use to cover stuff or to make a shelter from the wind, rain or sun. Drive through any neighborhood, virtually anywhere and the chances are you will see at least one of these things,



Store Ammo Properly So it’ll Work When it’s Needed

Most of us that own firearms maintain them on a regular basis; in fact, with some firearms, over-maintenance hinders performance rather than neglect. But how many of us give a lot of consideration to how we maintain and store our ammunition? Sure, we give it some thought, but are we diligent in how we store