Bugging Out But No Place to Live? Try a Converted Travel Trailer!

Uncertainty and necessity breed innovation and nowhere is that more evident than in the world of survivalists. One area that has gained prominence among many survivalists is the need to be able to bug-out on short notice. That has meant a host of innovations in bug-out vehicles and survivalists embracing the concept of tiny homes

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How the Addiction Crisis Will Affect Us All in a Survival Situation

One of the great “unmentionables” of a severe survival crisis will be how it affects those who are addicted to substances and how their actions will affect survivalists. It is easy to say, “that’ll never happen to me or my family,” but the reality is addiction hits everyone equally and in a survival crisis, it


Collect Pine Resin For Insect Repellent, Torches & Adhesives

We’re covering seven amazing uses of Pine Trees for survival situations.  In this segment, we’ll reveal how to collect and use Pine resin for bug repellent, torch fuel and for adhesives. It’s one of seven great uses for Pines. See the full list and the Pine resin video below: Survive With No Food By Eating