Avoid Starvation: Survive With No Food By Eating A Pine Tree

Pine trees are amazing. Apart from their obvious use adorning many peoples' homes during the holidays (and for many people, a month or two afterward), these trees have a secret that was once common knowledge among the native people and pioneers who settled this land.

We've compiled the greatest survival uses of Pine Trees into this special series of Seven ways to survive with Pine Trees. To learn the tasty truth, check out the video below.

If you don't mind the taste of turpentine (if you don't know what turpentine tastes like, chew a tiny bit of pine sap; it's an enlightening experience) the pine tree can be an even more excellent survival tool than it already was.

If you're out in the wilderness and find yourself unable to snare any game or catch any fish, this trick will be enough to keep you going long enough to get home.

Pine flesh is full of starch and carbohydrates, and just a bit of sugar, so it should, at least, help you keep feeling full. Just feeling full will go a long way toward giving you the morale boost you'll need to survive another day.

This is an excellent survival tip worth adding to your stockpile of information.

Check out the full series and the video down at the bottom:


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  3. Pine Needle Mulch For Growing Food
  4. Survival Food With Pine Nuts
  5. Catch Fish With Pine Needle Lures
  6. Pine Tree Toothbruth
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  1. James Stealey said:

    I’ve researched this a lot. It would be a last ditch effect to stay alive packing only about 500-600 calories per pound you have to eat a lot to live off it. Before you die exert your energy into trapping fish or other high caloric game….

  2. Norma Rogers said:

    They are the dirtiest tree there is we have them on one side of the house they belong to next door but we have to clean our eve troughs out every two weeks and rake the
    Pine needles and cones all the time before you cut the grass because the cone tear up the mower and they are full of ticks spiders and all kinds of bugs so don’t tell me they are good

  3. Beth Ann Snare said:

    Gibbons☺….Euell Gibbons…’many parts os a pine tree are edible you know’

  4. Steven Tigges said:

    You forgot to tell people that pregnant women should not drink pine needle tea, it may make them miscarriage. As far As I know only the Pinon pine cone seed are edible for humans and that only grows in the western US dry regions. Please People do your own research before you follow just anyones advice. THANKS