[VIDEO] This Guy Makes INCREDIBLE Swords… And They’re HUGE!

This guy's skills in sword making were just too amazing not to acknowledge them.  Making swords so giant that even body builders cannot lift and swing them is a pretty unique business and skill.

His primary customers are video game aficionados and according to him (he is probably right,) he is the only guy on the planet that specializes in making giant swords.

We wanted to include this even though it is not technically survival orients mainly because the intricacy involved in these amazing giant swords is nothing short of incredible. This guy is truly a master craftsman.

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  1. Chad Carter said:

    Junior Craig if you keep that beard going im gonna expect you to build me huge swords

  2. Eric Fletcher said:

    Huge swords you can’t control wort a fu!!!!!!!!! Idiots and the people that buy them.

  3. Justin Voysey said:

    Stupidest show iv ever watched! I thinks I got dumper after watching it

  4. Chris Johnson said:

    Big Giant Swords. Show on TV. Some are cool. But most are just novelties.

  5. Tom Stevenson said:

    It must be nice to have nothing better to do than to prepare for a zombie apocalypse

  6. Thomas Baldwin said:

    Give one to obama, and he can put it the same museum of things he couldnt do and didn’t try to do, right next to his golf trophies