Affordable Survival Knives – What to Get Without Breaking the Bank


Your knife is your survival lifeblood.

In a survival situation, you will use your knife every day and in most cases, multiple times every day, making it without a doubt the most utilized tool in your survival arsenal.

You will use it to cut, shave, split, hammer, carve and pry – at a minimum – and usually several times a day.

It also allows you to skin game or fish and if necessary, defend yourself.

Quite literally, you will use your knife more than anything else in your survival cache.

That makes it critical that your knife or knives be top quality, dependable and sturdy.

You do not want and likely cannot afford something that useful breaking down in the middle of a survival situation!

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  1. Mikey Watt said:

    Highly recommend Kershaw knives. I carry the Cinder on my keychain and the Reverb and the Flourish as my edc knives.

  2. Frank Hudy said:

    No Buck 110 hunter or Boker Top lock? How sad. I’ve alternated carrying one of these for the past 30 years. If you want a knife that is strong, sharp and easy to sharpen, you pick one of these. Ditch anything with even a partially serrated blade as it becomes useless over time. Sure, they are heavier than the blades listed. But most .45’s are heavier than .22’s.

  3. Art Macias said:

    Affordable survival knives but the list shows edc value folders ??? Wtf???