Here Are the 7 Knives a Survival Should Own From an Outstanding Brand


Survivalists know it's all about the tricks of the trade. The right tools will get you far and beyond. One of the most important tools you will need is a good knife that can be used for hunting and survival tasks.

The best knives were designed well and built to last, so you should expect to pay more for them.

One particular brand that exceeds expectations at a more affordable price is Buck Knives, a quality brand that makes versatile knives hunters appreciate.

Read on to find out which 7 Buck Knives are the best and why we think you might want to invest in one or more of these knives.

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  1. Art Hill said:

    Love my 110…does everything i need…from skinning deer ,cleaning fish..and bushcraft

  2. Robert Aubin Jr. said:

    I like my Buck 471 Diamondback knife on the left. It’s a discontinued knife now. I don’t know why. It’s a real nice knife. 4 inch blade with full tang.

  3. David Knoodle said:

    Double check them before you buy. If I am right they are all made in CHINA. And we all know the quality of Chinese stuff. Recommend CASE knives. Made in America in Bradford PA.

  4. Cameron Ferriere said:

    Seriously a buck 110? 440c and a crappie heat treatment and a so so lock… I carried a couple of em back in my younger days, never again.

  5. Johnny Beach said:

    Buck is a very good knife , I have 2 , one is a little shorter than this oe, makes a great pocket knife.