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How to Make Mead for Survival Bartering (Yes, Bartering)

How to Make Mead for Survival Bartering (Yes, Bartering)

Mead is a drink that is created by mixing honey with water and letting the honey ferment. It is the oldest recorded alcoholic beverage in history. Mead is so old, it has been an easily fermented drink to make for centuries throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. In a survival situation, alcoholic beverages will be a

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How a Wrong Survival Assumption Can be Deadly

The video we cover here will likely make a few angry; it should alarm anyone who thinks “the day after” will be a blaze of glory. It is along video, but accurate and should be mandatory for anyone who thinks they are up to the task of surviving anything beyond a basic survival scenario. The

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(Video) How to Make a Survival Blade Razor Sharp

An invaluable survival tool is possibly our most important supplies; without it, we deprive ourselves of a resource we will use daily in a survival situation multiple times. So if the blade is dull, the effectiveness will plummet as will the productivity and efficiency in terms of using energy – dull blades mean more work.

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Survival Lessons From the Homeless

Homelessness is an unfortunate fact of life – world over. No matter the society, country or culture, for a variety of reasons, homeless exists and in many cases pervades. As sad as that reality is, though, there are lessons any survivalist can learn from the homeless as they are in many ways, the ultimate survivors.