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How to Prepare in Case of a Nuclear Attack

A lot of us thought after the Cold War that fear of a nuclear strike was more than just remote – it was no longer a threat. Then came several developing countries bent on getting nuclear technology and using it to make nuclear weapons. There were also rumors that “tactical nukes,” smaller weapons that delivered

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Wanted: Vital Skills Needed if TEOWAWKI Happens

It goes without saying that in a severe survival scenario – where life as we know it was altered permanently – that adaptation would be the key to making it through. That type of scenario would likely mean the traditional infrastructure we have come to rely on would be severely restricted or even destroyed. In

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6 First Aid Hacks that Really Work!

First aid in a survival situation can be a challenge – even if you have all the first aid supplies and equipment you need. The environment will likely be chaotic, people will be stressed, dangers of further injury and sickness acute and sanitation will be a challenge. On top of that, there is the risk