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How to Predict the Weather with Clouds

If a person is an avid fisherman, particularly if they typically fish on lakes, ponds or the ocean, chances are they are pretty good at predicting the weather. Or rather, they are probably pretty good at looking at an electronic radar image, gauging how fast a storm is moving across the image’s map and predicting

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Post Disaster Skills that Everyone Will Need

It is difficult for many to imagine a world without smart phones, computers, automated processes and the relative ease with which we in North America live our lives. If, though, we experienced a life altering, infrastructure decimating survival event, a lot of that ease would very quickly go by the wayside. Instead of getting all

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Nonfood Items That Must be Stockpiled

Chances are when you search on a survival topic, if “stockpile” is in the search phrase you are using, you end up with a bunch of food related lists. These are lists related to storing enough food and water to last you through just about every type of survival situation. What you do not always

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7 Tips to Get Home Safely Following an EMP

The recent solar eclipse, despite all the hype, had at least one significant characteristic that applies to preparing for a survival scenario: It should have impressed upon everyone that certain events, benign or otherwise, are beyond our control and can happen at any moment. We had ample warnings about the coming eclipse and that let