7 Tips to Get Home Safely Following an EMP

man walking on emptry street

The recent solar eclipse, despite all the hype, had at least one significant characteristic that applies to preparing for a survival scenario: It should have impressed upon everyone that certain events, benign or otherwise, are beyond our control and can happen at any moment.

We had ample warnings about the coming eclipse and that let people prepare to view it safely.

What, though, if the eclipse really was a harbinger of death, disease, and pestilence the way some long-ago cultures viewed it?

It kind of does not matter.

There was absolutely nothing we could do to stop it.

The same applies to every other type of survival scenario – including an EMP.

Is it likely one would happen? No. Is it possible? Yes.

That means you must be prepared for it and what to do when it happens – on the next page is some advice for getting home during an EMP or any other large-scale disaster scenario.

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