Is Off-Grid Living a Good Idea? Here’s One Family’s Story:

off grid living

The decision to move to an off-grid lifestyle often is constructed in the abstract.

It is a dream, sure, maybe even a realistic dream, but much of that dream relies upon the romantic aspects of being independent, self-contained and free to pursue a life external to the chaos of the world around us.

What is not covered is the nitty-gritty – dealing with the many challenges that come with true off-grid living.

Those can range from systems that never work as successfully as they work “on paper” to the overall cost off-grid living to the sacrifices that must be made to get to a state of fully off-grid.

What many do not appreciate is that off-grid is not easy – it is not all picturesque flower gardens and bountiful harvests – off-grid comes with its own, unique challenges and obstacles.

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