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A Practical Bug-Out-Bag Will Equip You For Virtually Any Situation! Learn How

A Practical Bug-Out-Bag Will Equip You For Virtually Any Situation! Learn How

Bug-out bags are more than just a tool for survivalists or doomsday scenarios. They can be vital for just about anyone found in a situation where a quick escape with an unknown future is a possibility. Whether you live in tornado alley or hurricane row, in an earthquake prone area or even in a city where

A Fail-Proof Method To Create Fire From Char

Char is an excellent resource for starting fires and today, we’re going to show you exactly how it’s done. Remember – there are many ways to start a fire. But it’s important that you don’t limit yourself to learning only a few methods. Survival is about being resourceful, so soak up as much information as possible

Edible Plants In The Wild You Need To Know About

One of the most over-estimated concepts of survival, be it necessary because of a personal crisis (getting lost, surviving an accident, etc.) or larger scale emergency (natural disaster, power grid collapse, etc.,) is the notion of “living off the land.” Most of us have a romanticized view of the concept and fail to realize that

How To Survive In The Wild During Winter

Few situations pose more risks and challenges than surviving in the outdoors during winter. Not only is the landscape bare and more than likely frozen, but food sources are sparse; even animals only venture out when it is a necessity. There is also cold, the threat of harsh weather, less daylight hours and you burn more

How to Properly Build a Safe Survival Shelter

After locating a source of water, shelter is one of the top priorities for anyone in a survival situation. Without shelter, the elements become more than just a nuisance. They become a real threat. Exposure to the elements can hurt and even kill a person staggeringly quick. Fortunately, in virtually every survival situation, natural and

8 Epic Uses For Left Over Coffee Grounds

Don’t throw out your used coffee grounds! Today we’ll show you several ways to be resourceful with these left over bits of coffee. Trust us – you’ll want to put to use right away! I don’t know about you, but get between me and that first cup of coffee in the morning and things can go very

How To Find Water In the Wildernes EVERY Time

Apart from immediate medical needs or escaping severe weather, finding water in a survival situation is your most important priority. In most cases, depending on where you are, you can endure without a cache of food or shelter or even fire, but without water, your situation can migrate from worrisome to grave to dire in

Desert Survival: Critical Factors You’ll Need to Live

Any person traveling to the desert MUST learn these critical factors in order to survive the harsh conditions. In today’s post will share exactly what you need to know and prepare for. Of all the places to be stranded or in a survival situation, an arid area (desert) easily poses the most challenges. Temperatures can range

Enjoy Nature Without Bugs: Use Plants Repel Them!

Did you know certain plants can naturally repel bugs? It’s incredible! The plants we’ll tell you about in this article are easy to find, inexpensive and can help curb your bug problem… the natural way! Whether you spend a lot of time outdoors or just the occasional evening on the patio, insects are something you