[VIDEO] 24 Awesome Tips and Tricks for Zip Ties You Need to Master

Few items are as versatile as the zip tie. They can be used to organize cabling and cords, secure buckles, attach clips onto rucksacks, restrain people (OK, hopefully you'll never have to do that,) even to affix a bandage to a wound. Practical, reusable and extremely versatile, zip ties are possibly the most useful tool ever invented.

Zip ties allow for virtually any item to be affixed to another item with ease.

Created in 1958, they have been indispensable for most of us ever since. New uses are created virtually every day. They come in multiple lengths and widths and can be strung together if you need a longer length.

The zip tie not only makes life easier, in a survival situation, they can be vital. Used to secure a tarp to a tree for shelter for instance, is much easier with a zip tie.

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  1. Tim Mears said:

    And if you can, don’t cut them. Use the tip of a knife to lift up the lever lock and reuse them!