8 Epic Uses For Left Over Coffee Grounds

Don't throw out your used coffee grounds! Today we'll show you several ways to be resourceful with these left over bits of coffee. Trust us – you'll want to put to use right away!

I don't know about you, but get between me and that first cup of coffee in the morning and things can go very sour, very quickly.

If you are like most Americans, you are no different. In fact, some estimates put American coffee consumption at 83% of the entire population.

With most of us, once we are done with our “morning Joe” we move on with our lives and do not give a second thought to the coffee grounds we leave in our newly caffeinated wake. For most, coffee grounds are discarded and forgotten until we want another batch of coffee.

Coffee grounds, however, have many more uses that most of us would never think about. You can use them in your garden, as an exfoliation agent, to keep pests out of your garden, even to hide small blemishes in wood furniture.

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      There could be some crossover, Sharon. But everything we found in this post related to coffee grounds specifically. Might be worth looking into though!