Enjoy Nature Without Bugs: Use Plants Repel Them!

Did you know certain plants can naturally repel bugs? It's incredible! The plants we'll tell you about in this article are easy to find, inexpensive and can help curb your bug problem… the natural way!

Whether you spend a lot of time outdoors or just the occasional evening on the patio, insects are something you will encounter and while the vast majority are harmless, even interesting, some bugs are attracted to you for all the wrong reasons (from your perspective.)

You have a choice: Use a chemical based repellant or go natural.

Chemical based repellants come with their own negative side effects, especially for children. They also can drive away some insects that are vital for your outdoor spaces.

There are a number of plants, though, that produce their own repellants for a variety of insects.

By planting and cultivating them strategically, you can repel insects you do not want while protecting your loved ones and making sure you do not repel the good insects.

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