Hurricane Harvey: A Case Study in the Need for Survival Preparedness

after a hurricane

Hurricane Harvey battered Texas recently and almost immediately it became obvious that no matter where we lived, or how prepared people were, this storm and its aftermath would pose a monumental challenge for weeks if not months to come.

Houston appears to have the acutest challenges, with residents stranded and emergency shelters overwhelmed, but the situation was as dire almost 100 miles from Houston in any direction.

At best, things might return to some semblance of normal in a few days, but in many cases, it is more like weeks or even months.

That is months without the infrastructure all of us rely upon on a daily basis.

And if you were unprepared, you are stuck – rely on a taxed emergency relief system or fend for yourself.

The full scale of this disaster is unfolding, but on the next page, we detail why everyone has to be prepared at least for a week, if not for significantly longer.

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