How to Find and Hunt 4 Different Types of Bucks

buck in front of a peak

Hunting season is approaching; in a few short weeks the first fall hunting seasons will open and that, of course, means deer season is just around the corner.

Knowing the land you hunt is, of course, critical to ensuring a successful (and safe) hunt, but so is understanding the nature, disposition, type and habits of your quarry!

Deer, unfortunately, all have distinct personalities and that lends itself to them adapting different behavior before, during and after it becomes legal to make them a Winter meat source!

The fact they are different is why we call them “deer” and not “venison in my freezer.”

You have to understand the type of deer you are hunting and how they behave if you want to have a chance at success.

On the next page, we cover two of the most common types of deer behavior and provide some suggestions on what you can do to maximize your chances of bagging one!

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