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survival knots

8 Knots Every Survivalist Should be Familiar With

Talk to any avid mariner, camper, hiker or survivalist and they have their “go-to” knot they rely on whenever they have to haul, tighten or lash something. While they might not trash another type of knot, they will most certainly explain why they think their preferred not is superior to the rest. While knots do

Epsom Salts

Epsom Salts: A Must Have Survival Aid

When someone mentions tools for survival, it is not often that Epsom Salts will be on the tip of their tongues. But it is difficult if not impossible to find a more versatile substance when it comes to basic survival and personal care needs. Found in England in the early 17th century, Epsom Salts have

city destroyed

Prioritizing Disaster Response Priorities

Disasters, man made or natural, can be shocking – mentally, emotionally and physically. They rock us to our core in many cases and in all cases leave just about everyone somewhat befuddled, confused and flailing. In that circumstance, being able to prioritize how we go about ensuring our survival is key! Go about it the

starting a fire

(Video) 6 Easy Ways to Start a Fire

Fire is a key ingredient to making it through just about every type of survival situation we can encounter. Without fire, our chances of survival are greatly reduced or at least the process of surviving is made much more difficult. Fire lets you warm yourself, cook food and sterilize water, for example, but if you