8 Knots Every Survivalist Should be Familiar With

survival knots

Talk to any avid mariner, camper, hiker or survivalist and they have their “go-to” knot they rely on whenever they have to haul, tighten or lash something.

While they might not trash another type of knot, they will most certainly explain why they think their preferred not is superior to the rest.

While knots do inspire some degree of pride in ownership, the important thing with any knot is that it is strong, reliable and easy to create.

Some knots, while very strong are not very reliable, while others that are strong and reliable are not easy to create and still others just are not strong, or reliable, although they might be easy to create.

That is why you have to experiment with different types of knots until you have a utility knot that you use almost like second nature, deviating from it only when it is necessary.

To see several sample knots you can learn with a minimal effort, check out the video on the next page.

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