Survival Skills Teens Should Learn – Before Any Others

teen hiking in the wild

We recently covered general survival skills your kids should all be taught.

But what are the most important?

That is of course up for debate, but there are some basic skills every kid should know, based on what most likely could happen to them.

For example, if you and your family were caught up on a massive hurricane, chances are pretty good your kid will follow your lead and you or your spouse will be the leader of the group.

That means your kids knowing survival skills is helpful, to be sure, but not critical.

But what if your kid is out with friends on a hike and gets lost or one of the hiking party suffers a broken ankle?

If your kid does not know what to do, what are the chances anyone else in the hiking party will?

To see what I think are the primary skills your kids should learn check out the next page.

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