(Video) Starting a Fire in a Survival Situation is Stressful (But Possible With This Hack)!

fire without matches

Starting a fire in a survival situation is stressful – even if we have a reliable fire starter, know how to use it, have tinder, kindling, and firewood!

In fact, depending on the conditions, even the most experienced survivalist can struggle at times with getting a fire started.

It might be raining, or snowing, or the only wood available is damp – or its really windy, or your fire starting tool is wet or broken – you get the picture.

One way to give yourself an edge is to use Potassium Permanganate.

This inorganic chemical compound has a lot of survival uses – as an antiseptic, water sterilizer, to create an emergency signal, even as a way to preserve fruit if you lack refrigeration!

As a fire starter, however, you can even mix it with sugar and have great success with minimal effort!

To see how check out the video on the next page!

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