What Type of Survival Situation We Should be Preparing For

flooded street

The devastation of hurricane Harvey will be with us for a number of years.

While many folks were prepared for it, particularly after hurricane Ike hit that region of Texas so hard, many were not.

Still, others seemed to immediately default to Armageddon Mode, even though the horrific damage was nowhere near that type of a scenario.

That raises an interesting question though. What should we be preparing for?

Here are some realities:

Most of us will not experience anything more than a temporary survival nuisance.

A few of us will experience a “SHTF” event, but not much beyond that.

A rare number of us will experience The End Of The World As We Know It – and even then, it might only be regional.

So what is appropriate to prepare for?

On the next page, we address that question.

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