Why Even a Day Trip in the Wild Means Preparation is Critical

man with backpack

This is a heartwarming story and we should all be happy the kid in the story survived.

We should also use it as a cautionary tale.

A kid and his Dad were out hiking and got separated – the kid was an avid camper, so knew survival basics – but was utterly unprepared, which made his ordeal much more difficult.

He never planned on having to spend 11 days out in the “wilderness” with no food or any significant amount of survival gear.

He never planned on getting separated from his Dad, never planned on hearing search parties and helicopters but being unable to alert them and never planned on having to rely on finding a boater to help him get to safety.

Life is dicey enough, but what this story said to me, more than anything else, is that you never know what could happen – so you had best be prepared.

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