Lessons We Should Learn Now Before We’re in a Post-EMP World

power lines with the sun

One of the more realistic but often ignored threats to civilization is the EMP.

Were one to hit North America, almost every electronic system or component we possess would be rendered useless – phones, computers, vehicles, refrigerators, the power supply – all would be turned into various iterations of very expensive anchors.

While the plausibility of the entirety of North America being thrown back into the 1800’s is not very high, it is very possible that a regional EMP, initiated by a rogue state or terrorists could hit in our lifetime.

One Second After, by William R. Forstchen very accurately describes what could happen – culturally, logistically and socially – if an EMP devastated the entire continent.

It is the absolute worse case scenario, to be sure, but it also very clearly illustrates what could happen in various iterations and the skills we would need to survive.

We cover some of them on the next page.

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