A Review of Panfish Lures that Must be in Every Survivalist’s Survival Kit

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Fishing is a reliable way to ensure that in a survival scenario you can get your hands on protein.

In just about survival setting, somewhere there is some sort of fish that can provide you with life-saving food – the trick is finding the place and then catching the fish.

Plus, on the survival task scale of energy output, fishing, while potentially very productive, generally requires very little expending of energy.

Because it is called “fishing” and not “eating the fish that magically appeared on my table,” knowing how to catch different species of fish is critical!

Pan fish are one type of fish that are just about everywhere and fairly easy to catch in just about any type of weather (even ice fishing.)

To see some tips on catching pan fish as well as the type of tackle that works on the smaller, more easily caught fish, check out the video on the next page.

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