How a Wrong Survival Assumption Can be Deadly

end of the world city

The video we cover here will likely make a few angry; it should alarm anyone who thinks “the day after” will be a blaze of glory.

It is along video, but accurate and should be mandatory for anyone who thinks they are up to the task of surviving anything beyond a basic survival scenario.

The cold reality is a majority of those imagining a “Mad Max” scenario where survivalists are all valiant heroes who stand tall in a hail of bullets is dreaming.

To be sure, there will be some who make it through without the hellscape that most survival scenarios pose.

They tend to be very isolated and are prepared to bug-in and wait it out; even then, as we saw with Hurricane Harvey, the most prepared who stay can suddenly become the most vulnerable.

Watch the video on the next page if you have delusions of grandeur regarding a survival situation; even if you do not, watch it.

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