Have a Communication Plan for a Survival Situation – Or Else!

man and woman hiking in woods

Apart from accurate accounts of what happened/is happening, communications are usually one of the first lasting casualties of a survival situation.

It can also be the most deadly.

Without communications, each person or group of people become islands unto themselves and have to learn the lessons of other persons or groups of people who ventured through what they are experiencing.

Communication lets us learn and warn others in our vicinity as well as build collective knowledge.

For example, if during a hurricane evacuation a group of people warn you not to cross a particular road because where it is underwater is washed out and deep, you learned from communication a potentially life-saving piece of advice.

Conversely, if you direct a group to an emergency shelter, they learned from you valuable information.

To learn how to communicate during a survival situation when traditional means of communication are down or severely limited, check out the next page.

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