One Russian Family’s Amazing Story of Survival (and Why it Should Scare Us)

Russian family survival

One of the more dangerous (and annoying) aspects of our “survival culture” is the ease with which many think they will adjust if we ever face a true end of the world as we know it.

It is as if some think that in that scenario, having a few cans of beans, fire starter, tarp, survival knife and firearm and all chaotic will be quickly restored.

Obviously, how quickly things recover will depend on the draconian nature of the crisis, but if it is truly a life altering event, it is equally likely most of us will perish before normalcy is returned.

Even the most prepared survivalist will eventually run out of stores and the vast majority of us are not even close to the “most prepared survivalist.”

To get a sense of what it could be like – scraping buy for meager survival, check out the incredible story on the next page!

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