Antibacterial Usnea and Why Every Survivalist Should be Able to Identify It

Usnea plant

Nature has given us a bunch of potential remedies to common ailments that range from preventative to curative.

While modern medicine is still more effective, it is good to know natural remedies for if and when a survival scenario rears its ugly head.

In a large-scale survival situation, traditional healing places like hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices will be overwhelmed, but eventually will close shop as supplies run out.

If that horror-show ever materializes, one substance that has antibacterial properties is Usnea.

Usnea is a half-algea-half-fungus lichen that grows on a variety of trees.

If you have ever spent any time in the woods, chances are you have seen this lichen without realizing what it is or its potential.

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