Home Security: Common Sense Steps to Take to Keep a Home Safe

door broken glass home security

One of the “givens” in a large scale natural or man made disaster is that eventually, the desperate or the opportunistic will start looting.

In many cases, looting is the last thing a person wants to do, but when your very survival depends on finding food, water or survival tools, someone’s property becomes fair game.

In some cases, looters are just seizing on a chance to steal stuff – they may or may not need it, but regardless, it does not matter if it is your stuff they are stealing.

With that in mind, it is critical that you fortify your home as much as possible before disaster strikes – it also is just common sense as criminals will not necessarily wait for a disaster to strike.

On the next page, we cover several things you must do now to ensure your house is safe in good times and bad!

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