The 5 Most Important Tools a Survivalist Should Have While Living Off the Grid. They’re Life Saving!


Picture being out in the wilderness. What's needed?

Yes, there are the basics, including food, water, and fire-making supplies, but when it comes down to what is really needed – and all those things are important – is a really good, functional tool. Something anyone can depend on.

You may think getting a great tool is as simple as going to your neighborhood sporting goods store and picking one out but there really needs to be some research behind that protective tool. What is good for one survivalist is not necessarily the same for another.

Just remember, you will need a survival blade that stabs, chops, rips, and does a number of other things, including but not limited to making kindle for that overnight fire you will need.

And do not forget about having it close by for protection as well!

After the break go over to the next page and read up on five of the most important and best blades you’ll want and need while living off the grid!

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  1. Steven Hyde said:

    Sadly you left out the “best” fixed blade and at a modest price for what it is.
    The Fallkniven A1 or actually any of their knife including their folders.
    Stronger and sharper than anything you have listed.
    The list you have isbthe “cream of the crap” except for the land although the steel is questionable as well as the rat tail gang that isn’t full length!

  2. Steven Hyde said:

    Really good article, well written and researched, I have owned the Esse 6, Gerber LMF II and the Ontario Blackbird, but sold them all when I found the Fallkniven A1.
    The Fallkniven A1 is a super knife compared to anything and everything I have ever seen, read about or researched.
    It had become the standard to which I compare all others.
    Check it out, you will be amazed by it.

  3. John Stiles said:

    In my opinion, this article is more subjective than objective – but it can’t be otherwise – because knife choice, like gun choice, depends on a lot of variables. The strongest variables being personal experience and physical comfort.

  4. Dave Lawson said:

    Fallkniven A1, Bark River Bravo 1, Tops Armageddon or Ontario Rtak 2, Mora companion and a Benchmade Griptillian