This Ultimate Survival Tool is Ideal for Completing Tasks While Bugging Out

Farson blade


Some preppers, bush crafters, and survivalists have high expectations when it comes to their hunting knives and we really cannot blame them. A blade is incredibly important for any survival situation.

If you have a flimsy blade, one that may easily break or go dull too quickly, you are in a heap of trouble. An outdoorsman will not only use their blade or knife for chopping, cutting, and piercing but will also want it for protection!

This is why we enjoy innovation. Not all knives have to be a blade at the end of a handle. If they are not, some purists may not consider what is offered a true knife — but hear us out. Ultimate Survival Tips, a series of terrific videos on survival, has found a great new knife from Freemont Knives.

It is an unconventional blade that has proven stronger than any medium strength knife and has even managed to have some serviceable traits that even the bigger well-made knives do not possess!

After the break, go on over to the next page and check out this ultimate survival tool. It’s a survival item, nicely priced, that every prepper should have in their bug-out bag!

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  1. Rob Roark said:

    Found this a while back and bought one. Nice addition to my pack.

  2. Michael Scott said:

    Great tool. I met the owner at a gun show in central Oregon a couple years ago. I’ve been happy with my purchase and would recommend buying from his website